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College Students

We love college students. Our pastor was previously a campus minister at Princeton. Our members welcome students into their homes. We want students meaningfully involved in our church. Studies have shown over and over how significant the college years are in forming the three main "-ations", that is, Vocation, Association, and Location. More fundamentally, lots of students come to the campus at a place of vulnerability, willingness to explore new ideas, and with incredible potential for leadership and growth.

Many college students at Trinity attend the University of Tulsa. Rogers State and Tulsa Tech are in our backyard. We're not just hoping that students show up and fill a few seats. Students can become Associate members of Trinity, serve on a variety of Sunday teams, and participate in Community Groups. In addition, we have a close relationship with Reformed University Fellowship at the University of Tulsa (RUF) and strive to complement RUF, mentoring college students as they learn the importance of the local church. Students are a vital part of Trinity and our doors are open wide to them.