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Youth Group

Youth Group

We believe that youth are a vital part of the overall community. We want to provide the place and setting for them to grow in their understanding of the gospel, establish mentor relationships with our leaders/volunteers, have opportunities to serve, and build relationships with one another no different than we want for our adults.

What is a typical time at Youth Group Like?

The students' time together begins with games, followed by teaching, and lastly by breakout groups and prayer. For the Fall of 2018, meetings will be from 1-2:30 pm on Sundays at Trinity House.

Are Jr. High and High School Students Together? 

All of our students begin the time together, then break out into separate groups.

Are There Special Events or Camps?

Yes! Our leaders and volunteers work hard to provide lots of fun events for our students including everything from pool parties to road trips out-of-town... we've even gone to Colorado.  We believe fun is a major part of helping youth connect to one another and form meaningful ties.

Who Leads Student Ministries?

We have a great group of adult leaders who lead the youth under our elders. Zach Freistedt, Meg Mobley, Anna Keltner, Kendal Eschbach, and Stephanie Ruttman dedicate an enormous amount of time to our youth. Pastor Scott oversees all youth activities.

How Do I Volunteer with Student Ministries?

Volunteers are always welcomed and encouraged to participate in Student Ministries! We do require that all volunteers be members of the church and have thorough background checks with Ministry Safe. To learn more about volunteering with Student Ministries, contact Pastor Scott.